Sunday, 11 January 2009

Taking the President's shilling

Canada had ordered the deportation of a US deserter who claimed asylum there after having been disillusioned with her country’s role in Iraq.
This move by Canada is deeply worrying. In the Vietnam conflict many people sought, and gained, refuge in Canada to avoid the draft. Although there is no draft at the moment, you are right that there is an effectual draft in that the military forces offer the only means for ordinary people to obtain what should be theirs by right – education – for them and their children.
Canada has always been dependent on her southern neighbour, but did not kowtow during Vietnam; why now?
I should be careful to ascribe common sense or long term planning to politicians. I do not understand what is happening in Israel with her attacks on Gaza. At first I did not understand why Israel pulled its settlers out of the strip yet continued to allow the fragmentation and ghettoisation of the West Bank. At first glance it seems to be a long term strategy to allow them to ‘crush’ Gaza and/or Hamas. What they seem to be saying is that they are after ‘regime change’ which in Iraq meant opening the gates to Iran to take over and continual suffering. Does Israel want Iran (via Hezbullah) drawn in as an excuse to attack her?
It is scary. I am baffled. Time to dig a hole under the floorboards.